Demanding websites

Due to our experience with building demanding websites, we are the ideal party for media companies. We know what is needed to keep digital publications running, and we can help you with content-intensive websites.

Digital media concepts

We are happy to help you with creating your digital media concepts. As an example, we have built extensive review- and comparison websites in the past years.

Integrated for Publishers

Integrated is our own open source online software package for publishers and media companies. It is based on a powerful collaboration between a central content database, workflow management and multichannel publishing.

What we do as well:

Digital Subscriptions

Offer content merely to members, through micropayments or behind a paywall? We would like to help you to protect and manage your digital subscriptions.

Multisite Platform

Would you like to publish multiple titles online in a short time, or publish existing titles internationally? A multisite platform will make this possible.

CB Online Link

More and more publishers sell their books online. We would like to help you with your new webship, the CB online link or the order system.

Hosting & web-infrastructure

We deliver custom hosting and web infrastructure. In case your company grows, we will grow with you. This will allow your website to always be well available.

Symfony Specialists

Due to years of experience with Symfony, we can assist you well with your current or future Symfony-website.

Other wishes?

Are you seeking something different from what is described above? Please contact us. We would like to think along with you.