e-Active has been providing webtechnologies to publishers and media companies for 15 years. Custom content-intensive solutions are our specialty. Our code is stable, up-to-date and flexible. Develping websolutions is done with Agile Scrum, which allows us to work together more efficiently and offer more transparency. This allows us to always adapt to the unpredictable future.

Marijn Otte & Gerben Bosch

Our Method

  • 1 Brainstorm
  • 2 Specification
  • 3 Execution
  • 4 Live

Together with you, we will reflect on your website, media concept or other plans during a non-binding brainstorm session in our office.

Your project will be worked out by us or by yourself to clear specifications with which our developers can work with.

The team will be working on your project in sprints of two weeks. Each day, the progress will be discussed with the scrum master.

A part of the finished product will be delivered to you at the end of each sprint, untill the whole project is completed. In this way, you will never have to wait long for results.

We can offer you:


We will always provide a cost estimate, and we can offer an cost guarantee if desired. Therefore, you will always be in control over the incurred costs.

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We work with Agile development-methodes Scrum and Kanban. This combination of methods allows us to be exceptionally flexible within both big and small projects.

Realtime Insight

The current status of the project can always be found in your personal online management menu. This allows you to be up to date with the progress at all times.

Our Team

e-Active consists out of a young and close-bonded team of 15 professionals. We appreciate the knowledge and unique talents of our employees, and we use this expertise to bring your project to a successful conclusion.